Advanced Topic: Styling

Default Stylesheet

There will be a <link rel.. to style/default.css in every page generated by Doco.

Style Inheritance

The style directory of each directory in the source hierarchy is inherited by all subdirectories of that directory as mirrored in the output hierarchy. This means you can have disparate style subtrees in the same overall hierarchy.

Reserved CSS Classes

If you use breadcrumbing, the automatically generated navigational aspects of the page will have a CSS class of navigation.

Also, any blocks that look like this

 | some preformatted text

..will be output with a CSS class of raw.

Inlined CSS fragments are also possible by inserting a directive into a document.

 // inline style "relative/path/some-style.css" //


 // inline style "/absolute/path/some-style.css" //


 // inline style "http://some.web.location/style.css" //

Note that HREFs for assets used by the CSS are relative to the CSS in the output hierarchy, not to the generated HTML file itself.

Phrase Styling

You can use any available style class (either in 'default.css' or some inlined CSS) in the normal flow of your document.

Here is an some red text and here is some blue text. And here is a filename.

The above markup looks like this:

 Here is an "some red text" [red] and here is "some blue text" [blue].
 And here is a filename [code].